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Translate Instagram’s Product Tagging Success to Your Website

Instagram released their product feed and tagging solution for business accounts on their platform. We’ll investigate what goes into making product tagging so effective for driving conversions and how to translate that strategy to your website.

It has never been easier to monetize content thanks to product tagging.

If you’re an E-commerce brand, you can give your customers the ability to purchase products almost directly from the content that fascinates them.

With more than half of users browsing content and shopping online, Instagram’s Shopping helps bridge the gap between product discovery and check out.

We’ll discuss 3 major key factors that make product tagging so successful.

  1. A Streamlined Checkout Experience

    With brands achieving success by pushing user-centric content and engagement, it’s essential to understand that a checkout process you barely notice is often the best user experience. Reducing friction throughout your customer’s purchase journey from discovering items in content to converting eliminates barriers and increases revenue. An important note, 46% of people say they avoid purchasing from a brand again if they experience a disconnected mobile experience.  Content product tagging plays an essential role in streamlining the purchase journey by sending customers directly to your product pages directly from the content that interests them.
  1. Capturing Mobile Conversions

    Mobile shoppers are outpacing desktop purchases, and product tagging allows e-commerce brands the opportunity to capture more and more shoppers who are always on the go. Moving past just mobile-optimized websites— a collection of tagged content quickly increases engagement for mobile users. 

  2. Showcasing Pricing

    Featuring products’ pricing information and promotions has never been easier. This takes that product awareness one next step further. 

Now all the benefits of product tagging are no longer limited to your social media content- you can now tag any online content on your website, blog or catalog using a tagging platform. 

Final Thoughts

Product tags on website content, when compared to traditional links, receive higher click-through-rates, more detailed analytics with individual tracking and drive traffic to product pages directly from content.If you want to add product tagging to your online content to increase revenue please contact Scopa Analytics for a demo.