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Add shoppable product tags to all your content in both light and dark standard themes.

For websites with up to 10k monthly sessions.




Add shoppable product tags to all your content, plus access to all brand kit customization, feed automation, integrations, and advanced analytics.

For websites with up to 200k monthly sessions.




Access to all features and team management functionality. Plus a dedicated strategist to optimize your digital content.

For websites with up to 500k monthly sessions. If exceeding, please request a strategy call.

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Scopa’s one-time integration
Once the Scopa script is on your site you never need to edit or embed additional code.
Automatic onsite publishing
Scopa’s shoppable tags go live on your site, not leading users to another platform.
Images and media
Amount of images and media you can tag.
Linkable destinations
Amount of linkable destinations.
Monthly sessions
Your site’s number of monthly visits.
Up to 10kUp to 200kUp to 500k
Essential light & dark themes
Best practice tag styles for any image.
Watermark free
Remove the “Made with Scopa” watermark.
Theme customization
Access to our brand kit, customizable colors, and fonts.
Analytics tracking
Automatic analytics tracking for product-specific engagement insights.
Access to integrations
Product feed and platform integrations make tagging your content even easier.
Custom analytics reports
Advanced analytics reporting and customization.
Organization & team controls
Manage user accounts for your team for collaboration and delegation.
Custom feature requests
Unlimited additional feature requests to help improve performance.
Dedicated content strategist
Your own designated strategist to support content strategy and optimization.

Shoppable product tags wherever you want.

Scopa is a universally compatible plug-and-play CX and analytics solution for websites.